You’re welcome once again to my blog, where I bring you the best replica chopard reviews and best designer replicas online every week. Today, I’ll be doing a Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica review. I remember doing a Chopard Mille Miglia GTS review before but this Chopard Skeletek replica is quite different. In fact, they have very little in common and you’d be hard pressed believing they were the same brand.

Chopard is a name you often hear whispered at the world’s most exclusive parties and famous events. Chopard watches are so luxurious and elegant that many celebrities adorn their hands with their amazing designs.As you can see and also as the name suggests, it is a truly skeletal watch albeit with a little twist as the transparent part is confined to a smaller portion of the dial. We will take the features of the Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica, one by one so just read on and find out what’s in store in this Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica review.

Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica

Naturally, we’ll start this Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica review by addressing the skeletal dial of the watch. Even though it is restricted to a smaller pseudo-circle within the bigger dial, it is still a very beautiful arrangement of gears and levers. I absolutely love the break in the perfect circle at the protruding part on the right. It lends an artistic quality I really like.That’s why your loved one, will surely be thrilled to receive a Chopard replica. The watch we have in mind for this occasion comes with a lather red strap and a polished stainless steel case with rolling diamond studs.

The hour and minute hands are probably the best I’ve seen in a skeletal watch in terms of visibility in recent memory. I often complain about them being hard to make out but this is not the case in this watch. The rose gold color is splendid and very conspicuous against all the moving parts of the watch. The seconds hand is conspicuously absent and it makes me wonder if that is becoming a trend with watchmakers these days but I really don’t mind.

The hour marks are rose gold slits atop a stainless steel background which is not part of the skeletal aperture. The 12-hour mark has a double slit. I love the contrast they make too and it would have been difficult to achieve if the whole of the dial was skeletal.

The bezel is highly polished rose gold and merges seamlessly with the rest of the watch’s case. Sitting snugly on the right is the crown which is rose gold as well and pretty uncomplicated with the Chopard logo engraved on it.

Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica

The skeletal back of the Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica is every bit as lovely as the front. You can see even more of the mechanism of the watch through the back. The fake Chopard is powered by a Japanese Miyota Quartz battery. The original watch’s movement is an amazing ultra-thin LUC caliber 96.17-S which is also the first skeletonized movement ever made by the Chopard brand.They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While some consider it only a cliché, our Chopard Happy Diamonds collections will put a smile on every ladies’ face and an extremely elegant timepiece on her delicate wrist.

The case of the fake Chopard is an amazing 10mm thick or should I say thin. You can just imagine how light it must feel on the wrist. The movement of the replica may not be as amazing as the original but I generally don’t dock points off for this in my reviews and I certainly won’t in this Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica review either.

Chopard Replica

The Chopard Skeletek replica wears very easily on the wrist. I can’t make up my mind if it is strictly an evening watch or a casual watch. The bracelet is a very long 200mm, one of the longest I’ve seen and about 21mm wide. The bracelet is made of heat embossed brown crocodile leather. This detail perfectly complements the rose gold of the rest of the watch. It ends with a rose gold hook and buckle clasp. It completes the ensemble of what is truly a fine watch.One watch from our ladies watches sale that is perfectly suited to an occasion of love is the Chopard Luxury Replica with its diamond-encrusted polished stainless steel bezel. The embossed red crocodile leather strap is a perfect compliment to this ideal fashion accessory. While refined and elegant the details are tastefully restrained. With Chopard, their watches are as much jewelry as timepieces.

This concludes my Chopard Skeletek rose gold replica review. And I must admit, the watch is a really fine piece of work even though it’s a replica. It merges dressiness with a lot of technical sophistication. I think you can have the best of both worlds with it.

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